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Claremont Optometry's Upgraded Technology

Claremont Optometry recently upgraded to Optos Monaco wide-field retinal imaging and are only the third Optometry practice to do so in Southern California.  We can now not only get a huge wide-field view of the retina without dilating drops, and can also view a simulated angiogram of the retinal vessels without injecting dye or eye drops. On only the second day we had it, a patient was diagnosed with a microscopic occlusive stroke in the retina and is now being evaluated with carotid ultrasound which may be lifesaving.

A third new function is OCT wellness retina screening which can detect prior sun damage, macular degeneration or diabetic retinal disease. For several years we have had medical grade spectral domain OCT scanning for those known to have eye disease. It is used to evaluate the optic nerve for glaucoma, check for retinal damage from diabetes and macular degeneration and for imaging the fit of special contact lenses for diseased or traumatized eyes.  Over 30 studies are now looking at Alzheimer’s disease and the apparent atrophy of certain layers of the retina and its blood supply early on in the disease.  Once this is confirmed and the data is normed,  all that will be needed is a software update to begin screening for this.  It is important to begin collecting data as early as possible. When more collected scans can be imported into new software, it is thought that Alzheimer’s disease may be able to be identified earlier and the patient would then have the opportunity to begin new treatments as soon as possible.

It is recommended that all non-diabetic adults without a history of trauma or disease get checked before age 40 and every 1-2 years thereafter. 

When was your last eye examination?  Eye exams are quick, easy and painless and can tell a lot about your general health. 

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