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Contact Lens Services

Whether you are considering contact lenses, are a long time wearer or were referred to us for medically necessary lenses following surgery, trauma or disease like keratoconus, our doctors have the experience and technology to fit you.  Contact lenses  can free you from glasses and in some cases provide better visual acuity than glasses.  Many activities and sports are more enjoyable with contacts and most can wear any designer or sports sunglasses over them and see well for both distance and near.

Our NCLE certified contact lens technicians are able to train insertion, removal and maintenance and answer any questions you may have. For those that qualify for medically necessary contact lenses, our insurance specialists can often get full coverage for all services and a year's supply of contact lenses.  The covered and eligible patient only pays a small co-pay.


Below is a list of contacts that we offer:

  • Spherical, Astigmatism (Toric), Multifocal, Monovision

  • Daily, Monthly and Quarterly Soft Disposable CLs

  • Daily Wear, Extended or Overnight Wear

  • Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) lenses and bifocal lenses

  • Hybrid Lenses

  • Scleral Lenses

  • Prosthetic, Theatrical and Colored CLs

  • Therapeutic Contact lenses for the Treatment of Myopia

    • Brilliant Futures Myopia Management Program via the MiSight 1-day Contact Lenses​

Indications for Scleral RGP Lenses:

  • Corneal ectasia (Keratoconus, Pellucid Marginal Degeneration, Post-LASIK ectasia)

  • Corneal scarring (post-RK, herpetic scars, traumatic scars, etc.)

  • Ocular Surface Disease - Moderate-Severe Dry eye from Exposure, Sjogren's Syndrome.

  • Intolerance to corneal RGPs for any reason (unstable vision, lenses dislodge, etc.)

  • High Myopia out of range with other lenses

  • High or irregular astigmatism not corrected with soft toric lenses

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scleral lens photo.png
Eaglet Eye Surface Profiler

Introducing the New and Improved Scleral Lens Fit Process aided by the Eaglet Eye Surface Profiler (ESP)

The Eaglet ESP gives unprecedented measuring accuracy across the cornea, limbus and large areas of the sclera. This revolutionary development will give patients highly customized contact lenses. The device takes over 1/2 million data points in less than 1 second and produces a highly accurate 3D map of the front surface of the eye, which aids our optometrists in designing the ultimate custom lens that is more precise than traditional methods. Claremont Optometry is proud to be 1 of only 4 offices in California to acquire this device, and the only one in the Inland Empire area.

Utilizing the ESP will result in:
- Reduced patient wait time

- Higher first lens success rates
- More comfortable custom-fit lenses
- Overall more clear and comfortable vision.

To learn more about this advanced technology and find out if scleral
lenses are right for you, call our office for a comprehensive eye
exam appointment.

KC eye eaglet pic.PNG

Since the scleral lens is larger than the RGP lens I have worn in the past, it was easier to insert. The scleral lens is very comfortable to wear...When the lens is in correctly, I don’t even think about my eye… I am VERY happy and satisfied with the scleral lens. It has brought me hours of relief from eye pain. I had a very positive experience with Dr. Kohan and her staff. The lens fits very comfortably. Stephanie was very patient and helped me get comfortable with inserting and removing the lens as well as reassuring me that I was handling the lens properly. The scleral lens has given me relief from terrible eye pain due to problems with my cornea. When wearing the scleral lens, I have 10-12 hours a day of relief from eye pain.  I am very grateful to Dr. Kohan for her expertise in the precision fitting of the lens and the follow up support by Dr Kohan and her staff.

- L.H., scleral lens wearer

What our patients
are saying...

My scleral lenses are excellent, and they correct a very severe scar from a prior botched surgery. I have been happy with entire process at Claremont Optometry.  Dr. Kohan is remarkably easy to understand and listens to my concerns. Stephanie who managed my Insurance coverage is awesome!!!! I am happy to  recommend this doctor's office.

-T.B., scleral lens wearer

The scleral lenses have helped me see so much more clearly. As a person who preferred wearing glasses to the hassle of contacts for over two decades. I didn't know what I was missing before! Since switching to scleral lenses, I have noticed a vast improvement in clarity while driving, watching live music and theater, and watching tv and movies. They are quite comfortable compared to the disposable lenses I used to wear. The scleral lenses stay put and, after a couple weeks of practice, they are super easy to put on and take off. I have recommended scleral lenses to my family members with Keratoconus and would recommend them to other people who may benefit from their use.
The scleral fit process is streamlined. Every time I come back it seems like the process has become smoother. Kudos to Dr. Kohan and the Claremont Optometry staff!
- C.R., scleral lens wearer

My distance vision is better than with glasses. Also, my dry eye pain is eliminated with the scleral contact lens. Dr. Kohan and staff were very friendly and caring individuals.
- J.P., scleral lens wearer

I had resigned myself to relying on one eye based on past negative optometrist experiences. It was validating to learn that my condition could be deemed medically necessary. For 20 years, I commuted by bike knowing that my poor vision increased my risk, but with my new scleral lens, my peripheral vision actually works. I recognize threats earlier and react more appropriately. This contact lens has renewed my faith in personal medicine.[...]Thank you for recognizing that my vision needed improvement and finding a way to make it happen. It really seems like a new chapter in my life.
- R.B., scleral lens wearer

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