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Your Eye Exams Begins......​

Upon arrival, our receptionist will create your electronic health record.  Hopefully you've completed your online health history at home on a desktop or laptop, which will then be downloaded to your record. 


Our friendly technicians start your comprehensive eye examination in our Pre-Test Room to gather exam data using the latest technology including the auto-refractor, (an estimate of your distance prescription and corneal curvatures), peripheral vision screening, digital analysis of your present glasses and your eye pressure.  All of this data is transferred by a chip on a card and imported into your record. Our technicians will then document your eye and medical history and chief complaint, the main reason you scheduled your exam. 


Exams may require the use of advanced technology to determine the risk of various eye diseases.

  • Optomap by Optos-  ultra wide digital image of the retina.  Our doctors recommend a screening with this device annually.

  • Optovue OCT – 3D scans to detect and monitor glaucoma, macular degeneration, and retinal pathology.

  • Nidek 3-D Corneal Topography - corneal contour analysis

  • Eaglet ESP Scleral Topographer  - generates a 3D map of the front surface of the eye including the cornea and sclera
  • Humphrey Visual Field – peripheral vision​ test for glaucoma, neurological conditions, ptosis, and more.

  • A-Scan Ultrasonography - measures the length of the eye

  • Video enabled Biomicroscopy

  • Dilated Fundus Eye Exam - Pupil dilation may be necessary for both adult and pediatric exams.


Our office features the latest in optical technology. All information collected during your exam is stored in your secured electronic health record.  Any records you may have from previous exams are scanned and saved.

Online Health History –Your health history, patient privacy and financial policy forms can be found here on the secured section of our website. Please complete this  prior to your arrival. It is best viewed on a desktop, laptop or tablet.

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