COVID-19 Update

We are now open to patients with many changes made to provide care as safely as possible.

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-13 HEPA / UVC units placed throughout the office to constantly filter and sanitize the air

-UVC sterilization unit to clean frames after being wiped down with germicide or peroxide

-Alcohol spray bottles and wipes placed throughout the office for constant use by an assigned staff person

-Social distancing floor reminders

When making the appointment:

-Only patients are allowed in, exceptions are translators, caretakers for physical assistance and one parent of a minor child
-a COVID checklist completed on the phone and repeated at the door
-Masks required, no valved masks
-history to be completed online to limit contact time in the office

Before allowed to enter:
-staff person assigned to monitor the locked  front door
-COVID checklist completed and scanned into the record
-mask check, masks provided if necessary
-temperature taken and recorded
-hand sanitizer given
-Pulse oximeter reading  taken and recorded

-Custom acrylic panels made to prevent air flow from those in reception and those behind the front desk
-pens separated into clean and used to be wiped down and UV sterilized
-some reception chairs removed and others spaced out to > 6'

-No NCT (puff test) on any patient with red eyes or any eye irritation complaint and cleaned with alcohol after each use
-all equipment sanitized in front of each patient with surfaces sanitized between patients.

Exam rooms:
-Acrylic breath guard panels installed on biomicroscopes
-TRS controllers moved to the left side of the desk to increase distance from patients during refractions
-All rooms thoroughly cleaned after each patient (staff person assigned)
-Software has been modified to speed up data entry


-Virtual frame styling.  Try on your favorite styles safely at home.

-UVC frame sterilizing unit
-N-95 masks provided for staff
-surgical masks provided for staff and patients without one
-eyewear required for staff
-surgical face shields for any staff with patients in the clinic or optical provided
-disposable surgical gloves provided for staff
-scrubs made available to all staff

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8 am to 5 pm M-F

8 am to 3 pm Saturday

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(909) 625-7861

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