• Dr. Linh Ngo

Dogs of the Desert

One way for the doctors to stay in tune with the developments in eye care is by attending local optometry meetings and getting connected with local colleagues. An organization that our doctors have been actively involved with and served as board members on is the Inland Empire Optometric Society (IEOS).

Every month, IEOS holds meetings for their members to gather together to talk about different topics related to the eyes, patient care, and practice management. It’s such a fun way for everyone to network. IEOS also holds an annual event, “IEOS Almost Free CE”, where we get 7 hours of continuing education hours in and participate in fundraising and sponsoring guide dogs through Dogs of the Desert. These dogs are so well trained for the visually impaired to better their quality of life.

Here is Dr. Ann and Dr. Linh themselves with this year’s guide dog, Wade.

Here is Dr. Ann with Sponsored Guide Dog, Seymore from 2014 & 2015.

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